Chiropractic Adjustments for Optimal Spinal Health

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November 22, 2016
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December 2, 2016
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Chiropractic Adjustments for Optimal Spinal Health

Chiropractic Adjustments


Chiropractic adjustments improve your body’s normal functioning and support excellent long-term health. When it comes to assessing your overall health, your spinal health is a key indicator on how your body systems are doing. Your spine is responsible for movement, coordination, control, support, protection, and houses your body’s internal communication system via your spinal cord. Your spine is charged with protecting your central nervous system which ultimately controls the performance of every single cell, tissue and organ in your body. When it comes to treating and evaluating the health of your spine you need the best of the best. Our integrated services model at Colorado Regenerative Health sets us apart from the rest. We offer more than chiropractic care. We offer advanced non-surgical spinal decompression, sports medicine, Class IV laser, and state-of-the-art services.


What Sets Us Apart?

Colorado Regenerative Health is an advanced Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Center, Sports Medicine, Class IV laser, and Chiropractic Center. Dr. Helms, D.C. provides the most innovative and effective non-surgical treatments available. Chiropractic adjustments are exact, corrective, gentle, and safe for all types of conditions and all ages. Chiropractors are dedicated to natural, drug-free, and non-invasive medical treatments to boost your body’s recuperative abilities.

Chiropractic physicians at Colorado Regenerative Health diagnose and treat patients with muscular, nervous, and skeletal-system health conditions. Treatment at our center involves the use of a variety of methods to give you the specific results you need.  Physiologic therapies like ultrasound, electrical nerve stimulation, and traction can yield the results you need. Changes in your lifestyle–like increased exercise, enhanced nutrition, and postural programs can accelerate your healing and eliminate many chronic symptoms.


Spinal Experts

Doctors of chiropractic care are trained specifically on the health of the spine and nerves. The spine and spinal nerves are part of a complex system that takes years to understand.  If you have received care from other doctors who were unable to deliver the results you needed, our clinic in Castle Rock could change your life.The chiropractic doctors of Colorado Regenerative Health are expertly trained with finding and treating displaced vertebrae and subluxations.  Misaligned spines interfere with your body’s normal functioning and long-term health.


What Is A Chiropractic Adjustment?

The practice of chiropractic care is based around the concept that a healthy spine follows a normal alignment. When the spine becomes misaligned, discs and the nerves around them are easily compressed. Restoring natural alignment often relieves the pain and other symptoms that resisted more conventional treatments. The chiropractor applies a small amount of focused pressure to move vertebrae  and to loosen joints that have become frozen in an incorrect position. Once the spine is aligned, it’s easier to access damaged nerves or relieve muscle tension that are also contributing to your discomfort.


Is it Safe?

Many people worry that the popping noises and feelings of adjustment are damaging the spine. On the contrary, we are helping your spine. Through the use of Light Force adjustments, we are able to treat cases that would normally require surgery, which is beneficial for patients who want to avoid the risk of surgery. Our techniques are gentle enough to correct the spine without causing too much discomfort for the patient.


What Can Chiropractic Adjustments Do for You?

If you are struggling with chronic pain, neuropathy symptoms like numbness, or low back pain, the issue may lie with your spine. A series of chiropractic adjustments at Colorado Regenerative Health should restore proper alignment, improve your posture, relieve any number of related symptoms, and restore greater flexibility and range of motion. Many issues that affect the limbs originate in the spine, and therefore respond well to chiropractic adjustments.


Call to Learn More About Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments can help return you to your previous vitality and pain-free living.  Colorado Regenerative Health provides you with the team approach you need to get to your desired goals safely and efficiently.  Conveniently located Near Seton Hospital on 38th Street in Castle Rock, Colorado, our team of multidisciplinary providers are trained and skilled to provide you with the regenerative medicine treatment you seek.  Call us at (303) 872-7161 today to make an appointment.

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