What to Expect with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

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November 8, 2016
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What to Expect with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP Therapy


Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, also referred to as PRP Therapy, can help return you to your previous vitality and pain-free living. The positive effects of PRP Therapy can be seen within a few weeks following therapy and will steadily continue over a period of a few months. We use ultrasound technology and imagery to follow your progress and to ensure that the healing is complete allowing you to return to your desired activity levels at 100 percent. Unlike many invasive treatment options for soft-tissue injuries, PRP Therapy and Regenerative Therapy can be done right in our exam room and only take between 1-2 hours including your prep and recovery time.


Why Choose Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) offers you a treatment method that delivers long-term results.  If you are facing the pain and symptoms associated with a recent injury, PRP therapy can give you a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical avenue for natural healing.  Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Regenerative Therapy provide your body with a tools to support tissue regeneration.  This approach allows your body to regenerate what is damaged so you can restore natural function.  The process works by putting your body to work. PRP Therapy helps support your body’s natural healing capabilities by delivering a high concentration of platelets to the injured area.  These platelets trigger the repair process by recruiting stem cells to heal and rebuild soft tissues.  

The National Institute of Health, endorses Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy as a promising alternative to surgery by promoting safe and natural healing.  Each year, thousands of patients choose PRP Therapy and Regenerative Therapy for:

  • Avoiding surgery
  • Eliminating narcotics for pain management
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Preventing or decreasing postoperative blood loss
  • Combating infection
  • Improving problems associated with osteogenesis
  • Promoting soft-tissue healing
  • Restoring range of motion and flexibility
  • Continuing athletic pursuits pain-free


The Convenience of an Office Visit

PRP Therapy and Regenerative Therapy are completed in our exam room.  This convenient and comfortable setting provide you with less pre-appointment anxiety and a more relaxed experience. Treatment takes between 1-2 hours–including your prep AND recovery time.  PRP Therapy is great for busy lifestyles that need effective, convenient treatment and for patients who believe that the body can heal itself.  Sometimes it just needs a little boost!  


Success With Your Results

You will begin to feel so much better after treatment that you can be tempted to return to normal activities, perhaps, sooner than you should.  We recommend to our patients that patients plan on a period of decreased physical activities for the first 6 weeks following your procedure.  We also incorporate in-office physical therapy sessions to help you heal the way you want to–safely, efficiently and quickly.  Your treatment plan will vary depending on your injuries.  About 6-12 weeks following your PRP Therapy, we will evaluate your current mobility, range of motion and area (s) treated to determine what activity level is now appropriate. On average, most of our patients return to previous activities 3 months after therapy.


Call for a PRP Therapy Consultation

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can help return you to your previous vitality and pain-free living.  Colorado Regenerative Health provides you with the team approach you need to get to your desired goals safely and efficiently.  Conveniently located Near Seton Hospital on 38th Street in Castle Rock, Colorado, our team of multidisciplinary providers are trained and skilled to provide you with the regenerative medicine treatment you seek.  Call us at (303) 872-7161 today to make an appointment.

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